Simple ways to save gas

Gas TipsImproving your gas mileage is easier than you think. Follow these tips to help every tank go further. Read More >

37 Heating & Cooling Tips

Save energyHeating and cooling account for about 56% of your energy bill, so hopefully these tips will help you saving money by reducing your energy usage. Read More >>

5 Items You Didn't Know You Can Reuse or Recycle

Wine CorksNow that the winter months have dissipated, you are likely beginning your spring-cleaning ritual. Well, while you begin going through all those junk drawers and storage closets, hopefully I can impart some interesting knowledge onto you. If you recycle in your home, then you are probably used to filtering through the waste for the standard recyclable items: glass, paper, and plastic. But did you know that half of those other unwanted items you’re planning to dispose of while you do your spring-cleaning can be recycled as well? This is great news for both the environment and for your cleaning. Now you won’t have to throw away as much and you can do something great for your surroundings. Let’s take a gander here at a few things you can re-use.

1. Sandwich Bags - Everyone has, at one time, used plastic sandwich bags for lunch or for a number of other common uses. But instead of throwing them away after each use, wash them out, let them dry and use them again. Ladies, you can use old plastic baggies to keep delicate undergarments safe from critters, dust and damage. Keep moths out and the stench of moth balls away from your clothes. You can use plastic baggies for picking up your dog’s excrement (do not use afterwards) or you can use them for marinating food. Keep a dryer sheet inside one and then keep all your socks smelling fresh in the larger, freezer baggies.  Read More

Green Friendly Products That Are Safe to Use in the Kitchen Around Your Children

Baby ChefKitchens can be dangerous places for young children, what with all those hard surfaces, sharp corners and chemicals at play. There are, however, plenty of eco options, which are not only beneficial to the environment, but conducive to child safety, too. Here are the best ways to keep your kitchen green and safe for the little ones.

Cleaning products

The market is now awash with eco cleaning products, which are certainly a lot less toxic than the run of the mill brands. But as a parent, you can go one step further, and start using even more natural/harmless products for cleaning the kitchen. Lemon juice combined with salt, for instance, is excellent for scrubbing tiles and sinks, giving them an excellent shine. Vinegar makes a near-unbeatable odor killer, stain remover and floor cleaner. Ketchup, believe it or not, does a great job of bringing the gleam back to brass objects. Not only are all of these cleaning products eco-friendly and safe, they're also much cheaper than other shop-bought cleaning products. Use them wherever you can!

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Does Nuclear Power Deserve Its Bad Reputation?

Nuclear EnergyFew issues are as divisive as nuclear energy. There are many who praise the clean energy potential of nuclear energy, while others see nothing but the potential for disaster. This debate has been going on ever since nuclear energy was introduced, and the recent incident at Fukushima (and other previous incidents like Chernobyl) has not helped the reputation of nuclear energy. But is nuclear energy’s bad reputation deserved? And how safe is it really?

The Benefits of Nuclear Energy

There are many tangible benefits to nuclear energy. While it may not be a renewable resource, it doesn't contribute to climate change in the same way that coal or oil does. This is huge benefit for those that want to generate electricity but lack solar, hydro, or wind power. Climate change is very real. The country is doing its best to not be reliant of fossil fuels anymore. While nuclear power may not be the first choice for everyone, it's safe to say that we aren't exactly in the position to be picky. We need to get our alternative energy any way that we can get it. Nuclear energy is a great way to shift over into more renewable sources of energy as the technology gets perfected. Read More

5 Weekly Tasks that Can Help Our Environment

CarpoolingBeing green every single day of the week is a big commitment. It can be hard especially with a family or in an office setting. However, it is very important that each person do their part to help and to teach others and their children how to live green and sustainably. But, if you want to do your part to keep an environmentally conscious household, then read through the following suggestions to find out the small tasks that you can do every week that don’t cost you anything and have great benefits for the earth. It’s our responsibility.

1. Recycling - Recycling was one of the first responses to people realizing that the earth is not a renewable resource and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the earth began to take center stage. Now, most people do their standard recycling of the glass, paper and plastic products, but what about your other waste products? Things like old athletic shoes, children’s toys, your unused electronics, all of these things are dangerous when disposed of into landfills and yet can be repurposed for others that need them. Homeless and women’s shelters are always looking for old cell phones to donate to those in need and toys and clothes can go to less fortunate children. Recycling doesn’t just have to be trash, it can be a treasure to someone else. Take full advantage of garage sales, thrift shops, etc. to fully contribute to the recycling movement. 
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Enjoying your Outdoor Living Areas to the Fullest

Outdoor living areaOne of the many joys of looking forward to summer is preparing to spend more time outdoors. It’s the time of year when we start to trade our couches for lawn chairs, the hot kitchen stove for the barbecue and, thankfully, the TV for hanging out with friends or listening to some music on outdoor speakers. 

When you live in a nice warm climate, it practically begs you to embrace the concept of outdoor living. Creating an outdoor living area will make your home both look and feel bigger while creating a seamless look between where the house ends and the outside begins. 

Whether it’s for eating, cooking, sleeping or just relaxing, make the most of your outdoor space (big or small!) by following these tips. We’ll help you create the perfect outdoor living area for every time of year. 

Keeping Things Covered

Enjoying the great outdoors is impossible in the summer or rainy season without some sort of cover or shade from the elements. As much as we might love the heat, in the height of summer it is not exactly safe or comfortable to relax under direct sunlight. It’s also unpleasant to be caught in any sudden rain showers.   Read More