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In Vitro meat just freaks me out

Invitro meatEven though I consider myself an environmentalist, there are many "green" movements that are obviously going too far. Take in vitro meat, for instance. Haven't heard of this (how to put it) scientifically made meat? Let me explain.

Some scientist are all excited about being able to grow "humanly edible" meat in vitro. No more wasted animal parts like legs, heads, organs, etc. Just want a nice juicy steak, then only grow the steak. Fancy a fish fillet, but don't want to deal with guts? Then just grow the fillet. Pretty freaky, huh?

The science behind in vitro meat was created by NASA for long term space travel. Why take a cow on a spaceship when you can just grow the meat you need instead. Ok, I guess that makes sense.

So far, scientists have been able to take goldfish cells (mmm, goldfish) and create in vitro meat that "resembles" fish fillets. They've also been able to create a "spam-like" substance from turkey and pig cells. Tasty.

I'm all for saving cute animals from the slaughter house, but I don't think I'll be ordering lab-grown goldfish fillets anytime soon. I'll stick with goldfish crackers instead.

Learn more about in-vitro meat here.

Would you make the switch to in Vitro meat? Sound off in the comments below.

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